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The polo saddles are constructed on wood tree, reinforced in their perimeter with strip and double reinforcement on the front, to precent it being opened and not hurt the horse whiter.
Depending on the country where is used, they can carry stainless steel stirrup bar. It is costomary in Argentina to pass through the stirrup leather sirectly by the tree.
The seat is made with latex rubber to be more confortable and durable in its thickness.
The pads are made with a material that fits over the back of the horse and dont bother its kidneys.
the smooth leather used carefully selected, to make the seat, flat and little flats more save and soft.
All these details make the saddle safest and elegant.
There are different models that can be used:
American Model: these saddles have wide flaps and confortable seat.
Argentinean Model: Is the typical polo saddle, ligth, with smaller flaps and narrower seat.
Both models are used in 17, 18 and 19, made with smooth leather or smooth leather with suede seat, or all suede.
The differet colors are tan or dark brown.


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